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Fresh Food Machines

We can offer a delicious range of fresh food, including sandwiches and much more. Feed your workforce with a huge range of sandwiches made to the highest quality.

Fresh Food / Snack Machines

Fresh Food Vending

Coinadrink's fresh food vending machines are a fantastic way to give your customers or workers a healthier alternative to snack machines.

An increasing number of people are opting for healthier and fresher foods but are having to go to local supermarkets for them.

Fresh food vending machines provide a wide choice of healthy fresh food, with delicious handmade sandwiches, sub rolls and wraps. Many of the items are locally sourced and made with the finest British ingredients.

We ensure that every product selection is tailored to our customer's requirements which allows you to cater for vegetarians or those with food allergies.

Why Choose a Fresh Food Vending Machine?

For businesses where canteen or kitchen facilities aren't available, vending machines can provide an ideal way of offering a fresh food service to staff, customers or visitors. This can help relieve kitchen facilities and provide people with food 24/7.

The vast choice of products such as delicious sandwiches, wraps, rolls and microwavable meals make fresh food machines an ideal way to compliment the products available from traditional snack machines, whilst ensuring a complete lunchtime solution is available.

Our fresh food vending machines are glass fronted, featuring a rotating carousel design, which provides a clear view of all products, making choosing an item convenient and simple.

To find out more about healthy vending machines call Coinadrink today on 0800 626 191.

What Fresh Food Supplies Can I Have in A Vending Machine?

With a sophisticated design and attractive displays, fresh food vending machines provide excellent product visibility to present the wide choice of healthy fresh food available.

Food selections include a variety of freshly made sandwiches on various breads, sub rolls and wraps alongside microwaveable meals and snack items. Milk shakes, juice cartons and a delicious assortment of cakes and cookies complete the range.

Shoppertron, Featured Food Vending Machine

Do you want to provide a large variety of fresh food options? That's no problem with the Shoppertron vending machine which features a design that allows products to be stocked into 6 compartments on 9 rotating shelves where each compartment can be divided in to 2 to 4 segments.