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Snacks & Food

Snacks and food from top brands including Walkers, Nestle, Coca Cola and Cadburys. Whether it be sweet or savoury we have a snack for your tastebuds.

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Snacks & Food

Coinadrink offer a fully operated service on all snack, can and Food vending machines. As part of this service, our team of operators will replenish the vending machine supplies at a frequency determined by demand. Machines offer a great selection from all your favourite brands including Walkers, Cadburys, Mars and Coca Cola. As machine selections can be tailored to suit the customer requirements, healthier options are available if required.

A trend that we've noticed with our clients is increasing demand for healthier food products. Customers and workers are becoming more health conscious, looking to replace chocolates or crisps with freshly made sandwiches.

Vending Machine Supplies

Food vending machines provide the ideal way to offer staff and customers a wide range of fresh products to fulfil lunchtime requirements. Selections are tailored and include a wide choice of freshly made sandwiches, rolls and wraps, microwavable meals and snacks alongside an assortment of biscuits, cookies and cakes. Milkshakes, energy drinks and fruit juice cartons are also available if required.

Snack Machines provide the ideal opportunity to offer staff a great range of chocolate, confectionery and crisps. Choices include all the top brands such as Walkers, Golden Wonder, Cadburys, Mars, Galaxy and much more. Combination machines are also available allowing cans and bottles to offered from the same machine.

Special Dietary Requirements

At Coinadrink, we have clients who require specific vending machine refills according to the dietary requirements of their customers or staff.

Our staff will know exactly which vending machine products you should choose from, allowing you to cater for Vegetarian, Halal, Kosher or other special dietary requirements.

We only provide the best range of snacks and food for vending machines that we supply, ensuring every product stands up to our quality standards.