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Flavia & Incup Vending Machines

Hot drinks vending doesn’t have to be overly complex, especially when all you require is a quality hot drink without the fuss. Our Flavia machines use sachets for a hot drink of consistent quality, so all you have to do is insert the sachet into the machine and relax while it dispenses your selection. There’s a wide range of options that are sure to satisfy your visitors, include Yorkshire Tea and varied strengths for your favourite coffees.

Ideal for office environments, the Flavia hot drinks machines take advantage of a simple touch button selection that instructs you on which sachet to insert and when. This is useful when you require a frothy cappuccino, for example. Whilst the Flavia’s are slender tabletops that fit into the tightest of spaces, they are guaranteed to leave a big impression with the quality and range of beverages they produce.

Our in-cup hot drinks machines are similar, yet larger to accommodate a higher volume of customers. The Klix Momentum is a robust Floorstanding hot drinks machine that’s perfect for the manufacturing industry. In such stressful circumstances, you require a hot drink quickly and easily, and in-cup machines use pre-packed ingredients to ensure of a rapid dispense time.

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