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Flavia & In Cup Machines

Discover our stylish range of Tabletop Vending Machines delivering delicious drinks in a small and convenient form factor.

Small Form Factor, Delicious Taste

Enjoy delicious drinks in a small form factor with our Flavia and In cup range. Our Flavia range offers a huge range of delicious drinks from top brands including Mars, Galaxy, Yorkshire Tea & Taylors Coffee. This offered with a huge range of delicious speciality tea ensures that there is a drink for everyone. Whether you like a strong coffee or somthing more mild our Flavia range can provide the perfect drink each time.

Low maintenance tabletop vending machines

Enjoy the convinience and taste of a vending machine without the cleaning. Flavia uses a fresh pouch system providing a consistant delicious drink each vend whilst the In-cup range holds the ingeredients within the cup to deliver low maintenance drink solution.