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Bean To Cup Machines

Delicious Bean to Cup Coffee delivered straight from our elegant machines with the highest quality of drinks from top brands such as Lavazza & Kenco.

Bean to cup coffee machines

With high street coffee shops becoming increasingly popular, customers have become accustomed to the great taste and aroma of fresh coffee. For those looking to match this experience at their workplace, the latest Bean to cup coffee machines offer the perfect solution. These machines are much faster than traditional espresso machines and brew coffee directly from fresh coffee beans for a truly authentic drink. This means great tasting coffee shop style drinks for your staff and customers, all at the touch of a button.

Instant coffee machines

Busy locations often require beverage machines that can produce a large quantity of drinks quickly and efficiently. In this situation we recommend our instant coffee machines, as they offer great value and reliability as well as excellent drink quality. Instant machines also offer amazing choice, with a huge range of premium ingredients including famous brands such as Kenco Milicano and Douwe Egberts. The machines themselves offer great flexibility, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit any location, from large high-volume systems, down to compact table-top models.

The difference between Bean to cup & Instant coffee machines

When choosing a coffee machine there are many factors that need to be considered before deciding which machine is best for you. .

First and foremost, you need to determine roughly how many people will be using the machine and where it will be located. Sites with very high footfall should strongly consider instant coffee machines for their speed and reliability. If your business involves sales or any other situation where you need to give the best first impression, then bean to cup machines should be at the top of your list. Whatever you choose, our machine range is highly flexible, and most models can be configured for either instant or bean to cup. If space is limited a number of our machines are also available in a compact table-top format that looks great in reception areas and boardrooms. These smaller machines retain many of the features of their larger counterparts with only a modest reduction to capacity.