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Personal Protective Equipment Vending Machines

Coinadrink is proud to help care for your workforce with a custom PPE vending machine tailored to your requirements.

Coinadrink works closely with Evoca Group, one of our trusted suppliers, to adapt snack machines so they can stock and dispense personal protective equipment. These PPE machines are reliable and tough enough to be placed in almost any environment. Working collaboratively with Hi Contactless “Payment” technology, you are able to keep control of your stock, see where it is going, and make sure it is being used for its intended purpose.

Coinadrink Limited offers PPE vending machines as self-fill, which provides you with the freedom to take control of your own offering. They can dispense anything from face masks and hand sanitisers to goggles and ear plugs.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.

How PPE Vending Machines Work

PPE vending machines are a safe way to store and dispense vital life-saving equipment to your workforce. We are using robust and reliable snack machines from Evoca Group, and they can be adapted to deliver the kind of items you want to supply.

These vending machines are designed to stand up to a large number of vends per day, and can be placed almost anywhere in a public or private environment. A key benefit of PPE vending machines is that your workforce have 24/7 access, and they are simple to re-stock.

PPE Vending Machines are a great way to safely provide PPE equipment.
PPE vending machines provide effortless stock control with Hi Contactless technology.

Effortless Stock Control

One of the biggest problems with providing PPE is waste: it’s very difficult to see where your PPE is going and whether it is being used for purpose. A PPE vending machine provides all the information you need to know.

PPE vending machines from Coinadrink Limited use the Hi Contactless “Payment” system from Evoca. This still offers PPE free of charge, but acts as a great stock control function to see where your equipment is going. It helps identify who is and isn’t using PPE, and also presents trends as to which equipment is the most popular.

Benefits Of PPE Vending Machines

A safe, hygienic way to provide PPE around the clock.

Adapted to offer a wide range of items including goggles, face masks and ear plugs.

Effortless stock control limits waste of PPE.

PPE Vending Machines bring lots of benefits to the end user.

Coinadrink Limited supply PPE vending machines either on a purchase or rental basis. We take the time to understand your requirements and can supply a PPE vending machine that is adapted to store and deliver the products you want.

From here, the customer is free to take care of their PPE vending machine as they see fit. We will always be on hand to help with any problems but stocking and maintaining your machine will be your responsibility. This is how we believe is the best way to do things.

Contact us today about PPE vending machines and how they could work for you.

We are happy to help, discuss your options or answer any questions.