• The importance of our water filters

The smallest details can make the biggest difference.

We are a leading water cooler supplier keeping workforces hydrated across the West Midlands and beyond. We place a big emphasis on hygiene and deliver regular sanitisation of your equipment by our operators attending your site.

When we aren’t at your workplace, the Brita water filters we use ensure the water you’re enjoying is safe, clean, and refreshing. Lots of people aren’t aware of the importance of water filters, but they play a key role in the quality of your water.

Did you know?

Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid.

Why is a water filter so important?

Almost as it states, a water filter makes sure your water is safe and refreshing to consume by filtering out any impurities and delivering the very best quality.

To understand how it does this, it’s a good idea to establish what water is and what can impact its taste and quality on its journey to being consumed. Water, despite common belief, isn’t just made up of oxygen and hydrogen added together. There’s much more to it than that. And it isn’t always pleasant.

Water dissolves more substances than any other liquid, which means the taste can vary. It’s also why water can taste different in different parts of the country, so no, you weren’t imagining it! Amongst other things, water takes in minerals and it’s these minerals that determine the “hardness” of the water. The more minerals present, the harder the water.

The Brita water filters that we use on our water coolers filter these minerals out, so the water you enjoy is considered soft. It’s widely believed that soft water isn’t just the safest water, it’s also the most refreshing.

Experiencing a water cooler from Coinadrink Limited the vending machine and water cooler company with a Brita filter installed means you’re enjoying crystal clear water and nothing else.

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