Benefits of a Micro Market.
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Benefits of a Micro Market.

The Micro Market was created with you and your staff in mind, and so forth carries many benefits.

Benefits of a Micro Market

Your break time. Your way.

  • 'Grab and Go' thanks to pre-packaged ingredients.
  • Relax and Unwind in your own 'refreshment hub'.
  • All products are pre-packaged, so you can quickly grab something and then head back to what you were doing. Alternatively, the Micro Market encourages a genuine break. You can browse and compare products at your leisure just like you would in your local supermarket, and settle down to enjoy them once you’ve purchased.

    Around the clock refreshments.

  • Open 24 hours a day, so your refreshments are always accessible.
  • Create a prestigious impression by adding your own corporate branding.
  • The Micro Market is about making your refreshments easily accessible. We appreciate that many businesses operate varied and unusual shift patterns, so the Micro Market is open and available 24 hours a day with no shutdown period. CCTV is always on offer, just for your peace of mind, and we can also design your market with your own corporate colours and branding.

    Promotes healthier eating.

  • Fresh food includes sandwiches, salads and fruit. Many products can't be had from traditional vending.
  • Space for chilled and ambient products, so products remain fresh.
  • The Micro Market stocks products that are tailored to your workforce, and the Micro Market has the appropriate space for chilled and ambient products. A wide range of choice includes healthier items such as freshly prepared sandwiches and salads, and these are alongside snacks, confectionary and bean-to-cup coffee.

    Strengthen working relationships.

  • Promote engagement with your colleagues by keeping them on site for their break.
  • Feel happier at work by having somewhere to wind down on your break.
  • The Micro Market can be integrated with your break out area for you to unwind and relax with your colleagues, which will encourage stronger working relationships with your colleagues. As an employer, strong working relationships are key to improving results in the workplace.