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MacMillan Coffee Morning is set to be hosted on the 28th September 2018

MacMillan Cancer Support

Macmillan Cancer Support is an excellent organisation that provide care and support to those that have been diagnosed with cancer.

For many people, suffering from cancer will the toughest thing that they ever have to go through and it will affect everything, and Macmillan provide a helping hand to find your best way through. Founded in 1911 Macmillan are made up of professionals, volunteers and campaigners, together they provide an admirable level of care.

It is a pleasure to support them.

How we help.

We regularly hold coffee mornings in the name of the charity, which are Nationally recognised events that help raise money by baking cakes and other goodies! With the flags, bunting and banners that we receive in our welcome pack, it’s a great occasion and recent years have seen us raise valued funds for the organisation.

We hold coffee mornings most years, with the most recent one being in our company showroom September 2020!

Elsewhere, we regularly support the charity at our birthday parties that are usually held every 5 years and 2018 in particular saw us raise a very healthy amount indeed at our 55th party night!

Macmillan Cancer Support Coffee Morning 2019!
Coinadrink supports Macmillan through our coffee morning!

Our achievements.

Some of our recent birthday parties, which are held every 5 years, have seen us raise valuable funds for the charity. 2018’s party night collected almost £6000 for the organisation from various fund raising activities, which included auctions and raffles at the National Motorcycle Museum!

In addition, the annual MacMillan Coffee Morning is strongly supported by our staff every year. Most recently, September 2020 saw us all bring out our inner Mary Berry’s and Jamie Oliver’s to produce a fine spread for a great cause, and we managed to raise £66 for the organisation despite many of our team working from home or unavailable due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look forward to continuing our support for the future.