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Well Water Smart Boxed Water Cooler

The new Smart boxed water cooler to Coinadrink provides the basics of a modern hydration experience in the workplace. Enjoy refreshments that are good for you and good for the planet, from a “smart” design that can be situated almost anywhere. No need for a mains water connection and no need for colossal storage for your water.

If you’re short on space in the workplace, you can enjoy this boxed water cooler as a tabletop only. The choice is yours!

Features & Benefits

  • Widely sustainable, with water boxes that are easily recyclable using your existing waste streams.
  • Help us to improve our carbon footprint as well as yours, with fewer visits needed for maintenance, replenishment, and sanitisation.
  • Hygienic with BPA free water boxes.
  • Space saving. Enjoy as a freestanding boxed water cooler or a tabletop!
  • Beautifully refreshing water from a smart design.
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Great for the planet!

Boxed water works similarly to a bottled water cooler in that the equipment doesn’t need to be connected to a mains supply, but the boxes are much better for the planet. We don’t need to replace them for you: just recycle them using your existing waste streams!

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Reduce your carbon footprint and help us do the same!

Now you can effortlessly reduce your carbon footprint whilst keeping your team hydrated and refreshed at the same time. Enjoying a boxed water cooler also helps us play our part for a better world, too! Because we don’t need to come out to your premises to collect your used boxes, we reduce travel miles.

Peace of mind through hygiene.

Your water is beautifully filtered and refreshing, stored in a 100% recyclable box that is BPA-free. It is easily stored in your boxed water cooler which doesn’t come into contact with your dispenser and is protected from the outside light. Because no oxygen finds its way into the box, the water remains fresh for a long period of time.

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Save on storage space.

Boxed water coolers are similar to bottled water coolers in that they don’t require a mains water connection, making them flexible. The key difference is boxed water is easy to store, transport and replace, requiring far less storage than what bottled water requires. You can even store it in your fridge!

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