Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine

Vitro X5 Tabletop Coffee Machine

The Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine is the result of even greater demand on workplace coffee culture.

It features two whole coffee bean hoppers which means you can add even more flexibility into coffee breaks. Perhaps you want to provide a decaf option, or why not offer light and dark roast options to cater to your whole team? With two grinders, the X5 provides the capacity to adjust the grind point to each selected bean – obtaining the best flavour and coffee notes in every brew, one after the other.

With cutting edge features, the Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine is a fantastic coffee solution for medium to large offices and hospitality environments. It’s smart, durable, and easy to use, and you can use cups up to 14cm tall!

The Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine represents some of the latest innovations in office coffee solutions, delivered with the reliable service and support Coinadrink Limited is known for.

Features & Benefits

  • Two coffee bean hoppers for unrivalled flexibility with your drinks menu.
  • Two grinders extract maximum flavour and notes from your selection.
  • An adjustable espresso dispensing system enables the user to adjust coffee strength.
  • Up to 20 drinks options via a stylish touch screen or using contactless Distance Selection.
  • Easy to use, with up to 250 drinks in multiple sizes vended without any fuss.
  • Add your preferred payment facilities.
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Double the coffee. Double the pleasure.

Exciting trends within the coffee industry don’t stay exclusive for long. The Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine brings even more flexibility and personalisation to your office coffee break with two whole coffee bean hoppers that help provide up to 20 selections.

1.2kg and 2.2kg in size respectively, both hoppers are simple to fill with whatever coffee beans you choose. Our favourite coffee is unique to us, and the X5 allows you to cater to the preferences of your customers and/or staff. Offer a decaf option, or a light roast option to complement a dark roast. The choice is yours.

And with cutting edge technology that brings out maximum flavour with customised strength, everyone who uses the Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine will be left satisfied. Right the way up to 250 vends.

This is a premium coffee solution that delivers an uplift in coffee quality and selection.

Vitro X5 Tabletop Coffee Machine Hopper
Vitro X5 Tabletop Coffee Machine Design

A quality, autonomous solution.

The Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine looks strikingly familiar with the rest of the Vitro range. And that’s a good thing.

Premium glass and stainless-steel rounds off a contemporary design that positions a luxury touch screen user interface into the centre, inviting the user into a grand coffee shop style drinks menu with HD icons. You can even operate this machine using contactless technology.

It’s also reliable and easy to use, with little maintenance required. Combining this level of detail with precision means you have a fully autonomous coffee solution that your staff and customers will love to use.

As for you, you can simply get on with your day knowing refreshments are taken care of.

Technology hidden in every corner.

The Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine helps maximise your profitability, whether you’re positioning this solution in an office or coffee shop. A huge range of optional accessories will help entice usage, such as a base cabinet to help the machine stand out in its environment. You can also select a cup warmer that will further enhance the user experience in the heart of your premises.

Elsewhere, if you’re looking to charge for coffees then Coinadrink’s trusted payment providers make this a breeze. Add a card or contactless reader that makes scrabbling around for change a thing of the past. With the Vitro X5 tabletop coffee machine, your entire coffee solution is ready and waiting.

Vitro X5 Tabletop Coffee Machine Technology
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Further Information on the Vitro X5 Coffee Machine
Vitro X5
Delivers coffee shop quality with massive flexibility. Two coffee bean hoppers and two grinders.

Height – 965mm
Width – 480mm
Depth – 590mm
Weight – 63kg

Machine Productivity (Per Day)

Espresso – 250 Cups

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