Vitro X1 fresh milk coffee machine UK

Vitro X1 MIA Fresh Milk Machine

The Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk machine takes the coffee shop menu to the next level, delivering truly fresh milk beverages with a velvety texture.

This coffee machine uses Micro Injected Air (MIA) technology to deliver the creamiest of beverages including cappuccinos and lattes. This is the taste of the coffee shop brought into any workplace, satisfying even the most demanding of consumers. Best of all, you don’t need to be a professional barista to prepare such luxury hot drinks.

Such attention to detail, in design and function, means the Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk coffee machine will be at equally at home in the catering and hospitality environment as it will in an office environment. You can select the amount of foam you want and the patented AZK V30 brewer can deliver up to 150 cups of espresso every day. This coffee machine can now also be enjoyed with two coffee bean hoppers, increasing flexibility and customisation with your drink selections.

The Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk machine also comes equipped with Distance Selection contactless technology, so you can enjoy coffee shop style beverages in total peace of mind.

Features & Benefits

  • True espresso based beverages, now with fresh milk.
  • The patented MIA technology provides just the right amount of foam.
  • Optional dual coffee hopper increases flexibility and customisation with your drinks menu.
  • Instant beverages available.
  • Distance Selection contactless technology.
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Optional extra coffee hopper.

The Vitro X1 MIA tabletop coffee machine now gives you the option to add an additional coffee bean hopper. This delivers increased flexibility and customisation to your drinks menu.

With coffee culture continuing to grow, why leave your workplace lagging behind the exciting innovations found in the coffee shop? The X1 MIA caters to wider demand, allowing you to offer two different varieties of coffee beans such as light roast and dark roast, or even a decaf selection.

This is game changing innovation helps deliver a quality coffee solution in your office.

You can also select your X1 MIA tabletop coffee machine with an additional grinder, which helps to maximise the flavour in every grind whilst allowing the user to tailor selection to their preferred strength.

A coffee machine with two cups of coffee.
Two hands holding a cup of coffee.

Micro Injected Air (MIA) technology.

The Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk coffee machine raises the bar for drinks quality. It adds Micro Injected Air technology to inject high pressure air into the milk. This creates millions of bubbles that are coated with “casein”, the most important component to create a velvety texture.

Vitro X1 MIA ensures of the creamiest cappuccinos and lattes and can be tailored to the users own tastes, making each beverage completely personal. Best of all, this is all at the touch of a button, so you don’t have to be a professional to experience such progressive innovation.

View the video below on how easy it is to clean the Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk coffee machine.

From the office to the coffee shop.

The Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk coffee machines come with all you need to make luxurious coffee based beverages regardless of your location. This fresh milk coffee machine is at home anywhere. Meet the demands of your customers in your cafe or coffee shop, or embrace modern day coffee culture in your office. For those who are serious about fantastic coffee, the Vitro X1 MIA fresh milk coffee machine is just what you need.

The Vitro X1 MIA coffee machine is great for the hospitality industry.
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It’s the little details that matter…

  • Peace of mind.

    Micro Injection Air technology has no legal requirement to be pressure tested every year.

  • Greater energy efficiency.

    The milk is only heated when it is in service, unlike a steam boiler which needs constant heating.

  • Reduce milk waste.

    The efficient milk system uses the precise amount of milk required to create the perfect foam, reducing business costs.

  • Easy label changing.

    The machine allows easy label replacement to adapt the panel to the tastes of your customers.

  • Different cup sizes.

    Cups up to 17 cm tall can be used. A retractable cup stand is included that allows the use of small cups.

A person is pointing at a Vitro X1 coffee machine.

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