A coffee machine with two cups of coffee.

MAGIC Fresh Milk Office Coffee Machine

The Magic fresh milk office coffee machine makes luxury coffee even more accessible to smaller working environments. Now available in three different variations, the M1, the M2 and M2+, the Magic delivers true fresh milk coffee at a very attractive price point.

In addition to the quality of its beverages, this fresh milk office coffee machine represents genuine innovation in its size, style, and sheer simplicity. Anyone in your workplace can have this machine set up in next to no time at all, and the intuitive HD 7” touch screen interface is a doddle to use.

The M1 and M2 models are available exclusively with hand-fill, whilst the M2+ can also be enjoyed as plumbed-in for higher throughput. This makes Magic suitable for a variety of needs, from small to large.

All models can dispense two coffees at the same time to reduce waiting times.

Features & Benefits

  • Fresh milk and fresh bean coffee at a scarcely believable price point.
  • Speciality coffee including Americano, Espresso and Café Latte.
  • Small yet stylish design requires minimal space to function.
  • Remarkably simple to use!
  • Available in hand-fill or plumbed in.
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Fresh milk beverages made easy.

Coffee has always been synonymous with the workplace and employees are demanding better quality in line with the latest trends in staff satisfaction. The Magic makes fresh milk and fresh bean coffee wholly accessible to all.

The attractive price point is just the beginning. This stylish office coffee machine carries capability beyond its slender footprint. The vast drinks menu can be customised to suit the users’ tastes where they can choose from just the right level of ground coffee.

The Magic office coffee machine is equipped with a built-in milk frother, equipped with a patented cleaning system that removes any left-over milk residue at the end of dispense. It’s silent and smart, capable of delivering creamy foam or just hot milk.

Have a favourite mug or cup you’d like to use? The Magic epitomises its simple approach with height adjustable dispense.

Two cups of coffee being poured into an espresso machine.
Magic machine fresh coffee.

Well suited to locations big and small!

The Magic can now be enjoyed plumbed-in to the mains water supply with the M2+, which complements the hand-fill only M1 and M2 models. The M2+ is better suited to a much higher throughput, so now locations of all sizes can add a bit of Magic to their day. All models are the exact same compact dimensions and feature the latest technologies to deliver sumptuous fresh milk beverages.

Made for the modern workplace.

Coffee breaks in the workplace are as important as ever, but staff are looking for a quicker and easier way to enjoy higher quality as our busy schedules remain.

The Magic fresh milk office coffee machine can dispense up to 80 cups a day. This makes it ideal for smaller offices, salons, or individual spaces such as boardrooms, showrooms, and reception areas. Whilst Magic is effortless to set up and use, you can reduce waiting times with a duo dispense option.

Meanwhile, the cost-effective price point isn’t reflected in the design. This fresh milk coffee machine is bound to turn heads and raise the profile of your reception area or breakout zone.

If you want to charge for coffee, the Magic is compatible with MDB protocol for payment facilities.

Two coffee machines are on display in a store.


  • Medium fridge.
    Deliver your fresh milk coffee based beverages easily.
  • Milk Cooler.
    A small cooler that takes up minimal space.
A coffee machine is being used to make coffee.


MAGIC is available in two different models, depending on the size of your environment and anticipated usage.

A coffee machine with two cups of coffee.


2.5 litre water container.

600g coffee container.

A MAGIC coffee machine.


4 litre water container.

1.2kg coffee container.

A MAGIC coffee machine.


Available as a plumbed-in model.

1.2kg coffee container.

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