Gaggia La Dea commercial coffee machine

La Dea

La Dea is a commercial coffee machine designed for high-end commercial use. Its elegant and sophisticated design features a polished stainless-steel body, wooden accents, and a customizable LED-backlit panel.

The machine features a PID-controlled heat exchanger boiler, a volumetric dosing system, and a professional lever-operated steam wand. La Dea is available in two and three-group models, offering different capacities depending on the user’s needs.

Its advanced technology and sleek design make this commercial coffee machine a popular choice for high-end cafes and restaurants.

Features & Benefits

  • Sophisticated design with polished stainless-steel body and wooden accents.
  • Customizable LED-backlit panel.
  • PID-controlled heat exchanger boiler for optimal temperature stability.
  • Volumetric dosing system for precise coffee dispensing.
  • Professional lever-operated steam wand for perfectly textured milk.
  • Available in two and three-group models for different capacity needs.

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Compact design. Big impression.

La Dea, which means goddess or star in Italian, is the latest espresso machine from Gaggia Milano. It combines tradition with innovation and is ideal for small premium locations such as concept stores, boutique cafes, and cocktail bars.

The machine’s minimalist and retro design, along with its advanced professional technologies and components such as the coffee group and internal boiler, make it a perfect fit for demanding coffee lovers and baristas.

Despite its compact size, the La Dea commercial coffee machine delivers high-quality performance and is sure to impress with its refined and sophisticated appearance.

Gaggia La Dea commercial coffee machine West Midlands
Gaggia La Dea commercial coffee machine

Heritage combined with modern flexibility.

La Dea’s design is a balance between aesthetics and ergonomics, using high-quality materials and advanced technology. The 1.5-liter single boiler and 120cc heat exchanger are connected to an embedded 2-liter water tank, which can be refilled and removed easily. The machine does not need to be plumbed in, allowing for flexible installation. The use of stainless steel for the bodywork, steam wand, and adjustable hot waterspout, as well as the removable upper crown in white or copper, makes it a versatile addition to any location, regardless of style.

A Barista in the making.

The La Dea commercial coffee machine showcases cutting-edge innovation and is a doddle to use. The user interface is both easy to use and has clean lines. Its compact 1.54-inch LCD colour display offers many functions such as setting parameters, temperature, and extraction time of each cup of coffee. Users can even program the machine to switch on automatically.

Gaggia La Dea commercial coffee machine near me

Download the La Dea corporate brochure for further information.

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