K-Fee One pod coffee machine

K-Fee One Pod Coffee Machine

Welcome to the most cost-effective way to properly upgrade your coffee and hot drinks delivery at home or work. The K-Fee One pod coffee machine is yours from just £99 ex VAT. Enjoy a wide range of hot drinks whatever your preferences, using the luxury of Mr and Mrs Mill and Espresto pods that you can purchase direct from us.

Smart and simple to use, the K-Fee One pod coffee machine is the employee perk your team have been craving.

Features & Benefits

  • The perfect upgrade to the kettle for a one-off price of just £99! (ex VAT)
  • Equipped with Duo Pressure technology, usually reserved for professional coffee machines, ensures of a magnificent crema.
  • A huge selection of Mr and Mrs Mill and Espresto pods with 45% more content than the competition.
  • Tea and hot chocolate also available.
  • Perfect for staff rooms, reception areas, boardrooms, and homes.
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Featuring Duo Pressure technology!

True coffee lovers will know all about the value of duo pressure technology but may be surprised to see it included on a coffee machine at this kind of price point.

Pump pressure of 19 bars means the K-Fee One pod coffee machine can produce the creamiest cappuccino or latte, just like you’d expect in your favourite coffee shop. It also reduces this pressure when the consumer has selected a tea or hot chocolate, ensuring of maximum quality whatever you choose.

The K-Fee One pod coffee machine raises the bar as to how accessible luxury hot drinks can be.

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Premium hot drinks from just £99!

Yes, you did read that right. The K-Fee One pod coffee machine doesn’t sacrifice on quality, but we can’t overlook what is a huge selling point: the price. In a world where luxury coffee was previously just that, it’s now more accessible than ever. And with compatible coffee pods starting from just £4.59 for a box of 12, a better coffee culture at home or work becomes seriously cost-effective.

K-Fee One pod coffee machine west midlands
K-Fee One pod coffee machine pods

Order your pods online!

Pod coffee machines are designed to be convenient and through our online wholesale store Refreshment Shop, you can stock up on your pods at great value. Mr and Mrs Mill coffee pods and Espresto tea and hot chocolate. A box of 12 starts from just £4.59, so you can enjoy an all-in-one hot drinks’ experience from just over £100. Great value and hassle-free.

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