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Gaggia La Giusta Commercial Coffee Machine

The Gaggia La Giusta commercial coffee machine combines class with functionality, delivering a premium coffee shop experience time after time to your demanding customers.

A barista is only as good as his tools. The Gaggia La Giusta traditional coffee machine features a simple yet effective design that places everything within easy reach with industry leading ergonomics. Your customers expect a certain level of quality each time they visit, and the Gaggia La Giusta commercial espresso coffee machine utilises cutting edge technology that beautifully crafts unrivalled fresh bean coffee.

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Gaggia La Giusta Commercial Coffee Machine
Gaggia La Giusta delivers an authentic traditional coffee experience.

Features. A Snapshot.

  • 5 Programmable selection buttons.

  • Purge button to rinse coffee group.

  • Digital boiler temperature control.

  • Volumetric dose programming

Benefits. A Snapshot.

  • Authentic coffee shop experience.

  • Ergonomics perfect for a Barista

  • Stunning design.

  • Unrivalled efficiency.

The Gaggia La Guista traditional coffee machine is perfect for the catering and hospitality industries.
The La Giusta traditional coffee machine.

Suitable For

  • Coffee Shops

  • Cafes

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

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The sharp colour touchscreen is easily customisable with a dedicated screen saver and tailored menus to suit the requirements of the barista. This makes it easy to programme your coffee shop offering. The cool touch wands ensure you don’t have to slow down in the face of high demand, whilst you can experience maximum steam from just a 90 degree angle. And when you’re done, a handy purge button cleans each of the three different coffee groups.

This is the sort of technology you won’t find anywhere else. Commercial coffee machines are specifically created for the coffee shop and similar kinds of environments. Only with traditional coffee machines such as the Gaggia La Giusta can you offer everything your customers expect when they visit your coffee shop.

This stylish and reliable espresso coffee machine will enhance the environment, and features custom back-lighting that is part of the meticulous attention to detail that Evoca have graced the La Giusta commercial coffee machine with. Evoca is a premium, traditional brand, and years of experience has led to commercial coffee machine including the La Giusta.

If you’re looking for a smart and capable commercial coffee machine, Gaggia La Giusta is sure to deliver.

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