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Gaggia La Decisa

The Gaggia La Decisa delivers a premium experience that only traditional coffee machines can provide. If you are looking to enhance your coffee shop or similar kind of environment, the Gaggia La Decisa traditional espresso coffee machine is a compelling option.

High performance and contemporary ergonomics make Gaggia La Decisa a barista-friendly solution. Caught beautifully between tradition and evolution, this traditional coffee machine delivers fresh bean coffee the way it was intended. Baristas will appreciate the simplified design that Gaggia has gifted this machine, with three angled filter holders that deliver maximum delivery with a rotation of just 90 degrees.

The programmable boiler temperature ensures fresh bean coffee is delivered the way it was intended, and each of the three groups benefits from custom selection buttons ensuring of complete flexibility.

Gaggia La Decisa Traditional Coffee Machine
La Decisa traditional coffee machine is perfect for the catering and hospitality industry.

Gaggia La Decisa’s technology is enveloped in a backlit design that you need to see to appreciate. It is everything your customers expect when entering your coffee shop, which is an environment that encourages them to wind down and relax. Your traditional coffee machine has a big part to play in that.

The Gaggia La Decisa traditional coffee machine embodies the brands famous “Made In Italy” status. Gaggia is a well-respected brand that has written pages and pages of history in the art of coffee machines, so Gaggia La Decisa benefits from such diligent attention to detail.

Whilst La Decisa is aimed at smaller coffee shops for low to medium usage, you needn’t think that this traditional coffee machine is left wanting. On the contrary, it could be exactly the sort of refreshment solution you require. A smart energy saving mode can be enabled using the elegant touch-sensitive interface, allowing La Decisa to drift into the background when not in use.

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