Gaggia G10

If you’re looking for grinding perfection, look no further than G10 from Evoca. The perfect partner to your traditional coffee machine, the G10 is the quickest coffee grinder available and has the capacity to hold 1.2kg of coffee beans. The steel grinding discs only need changing after grinding 1200kg of beans, whilst different grinding programmes are suitable to a wide range of environments.

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The Gaggia G10 coffee grinder.
The Gaggia G10 coffee grinder.

Features. A Snapshot.

  • Reliable steel grinding discs.

  • 4.3" touch screen for easy programming.

  • Spacious hopper.

  • "Dose on demand" for larger sites.

Benefits. A Snapshot.

  • Fastest grinder in the industry.

  • Ground up to 1.2kg of beans

  • Can grind beans at 1250 RPM

  • Perfect for high demand

The Gaggia G10 coffee grinder is the perfect accompaniment for your traditional coffee machine.
The Gaggia G10 is a professional coffee bean grinder.

Suitable For

  • Coffee shops.

  • Cafes

  • Bars

  • Restaurants

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The Gaggia G10 professional coffee grinder works in perfect harmony with your traditional coffee machine to create an experience that is specifically reserved for the high demands of the modern day coffee shop.

Coffee grinders play a key role in the perfect espresso. If you’re truly serious about serving the very best coffee to your customers, the Gaggia G10 coffee grinder features innovative technology to help make that happen. A stylish, elegant design houses the patented “dose on demand”, which ensures the coffee is already freshly ground ready for your next dose. This makes it perfect for larger environments with a high volume of customers. If you prefer complete control, however, the Gaggia G10 grinder offers a manual dose.

The Gaggia G10 coffee bean grinder is industry leading in speed and reliability. Long life steel blades can ground up to 1200kg worth of fresh coffee beans before needing to be replaced, and double or single doses are just a finger tip away. This emphasises the fact that the Gaggia G10 coffee grinder is perfect for high-demand, which makes it the ultimate fresh coffee bean grinder.

Whilst the Gaggia G10 is all about function, its sharp design helps create a formidable impression of any given coffee shop environment. A subtle 4.3 inch touchscreen combines beauty with brains, and can inform the Barista of key information such as when the blades need changing. This is housed within a beautiful aluminium finish.

If you’re looking for the very best espresso solution for your coffee shop, the Gaggia G10 coffee grinder is a fantastic option partnered with a traditional coffee machine.

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