The Flavia Creation 600 office coffee machine from Coinadrink Limited.

FLAVIA® Creation 600

The FLAVIA® Creation 600 (C600) office coffee machine takes a revolutionary step forward in drinks quality, delivering true fresh milk beverages in effortless fashion. In what is a first for the FLAVIA® range, this office coffee machine can deliver the benefits of the coffee shop in the heart of your workplace, with innovative technology to help maximise any break time. Meet the demands of your entire workforce with a vast drinks menu, including creamy cappuccinos and short, sharp espressos.

Features & Benefits

  • No mess, no fuss, quick to clean and fill
  • Consistent quality; one cup at a time in under 40 seconds
  • A stylish design that is easy to use.
  • A huge drinks menu, both hot and cold.
  • Ideal for workplaces short on space.

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A giant step forward in drink quality.

The FLAVIA® Creation 600 office coffee machine has been labelled as the most advanced FLAVIA® coffee machine ever created. It recognises the importance we’re all placing on high-quality hot drinks and the FLAVIA® C600 brings true fresh milk beverages to any workplace. This is a first for Flavia.

The FLAVIA® C600 is capable of frothing your own milk that you place in your cup. Not only does this mean you’re free to enjoy any milk you want whether that be cows milk, soya milk or almond milk, but it also means zero risk of cross contamination and no need to clean the machine after use. The biggest advantage is that you’re now able to enjoy lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites and more the way you really want them. The way your favourite coffee shop would prepare them.

You no longer have to add two different pouches to prepare speciality beverages either, as FLAVIA® Creation 600 has one single Freshpack™ for everything you might want.

Creamy beverages only enhance a vast drinks menu that also includes a variety of teas and hot chocolate. The FLAVIA® Creation 600 office coffee machine represents a giant leap forward in drinks quality.

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The Flavia Creation 600 office coffee machine delivers again leap in drinks quality over the 500.
The Flavia Creation 600 office coffee machine delivers a truly contactless experience.

A contactless office coffee machine with Tap ’N’ Brew.

Hygiene takes priority with the FLAVIA® Creation 600 office coffee machine. Deliver peace of mind in the easiest way possible with the Tap ‘N’ Brew mobile app, available with this office coffee machine. Tap ‘N’ Brew is available as a free download on both iOS and Android and getting started couldn’t be easier. Just open the app, scan the QR code found within the operator menu on the display, and you’re good to go. Now you can mirror the screens functionality, choose your beverage, tailor it to you, and enjoy right from your phone. This fun and intuitive contactless method eliminates all shared touch points for greater peace of mind.

Drink Range

FLAVIA® offers a reimagined drinks menu with a wide range of coffee, tea and hot chocolate using Freshpack™.

A variety of different types of coffee in a FLAVIA® Creation 600.

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Why not upgrade from the FLAVIA® Creation 500?

FLAVIA® Creation 600 represents a fantastic upgrade from the FLAVIA® Creation 50o you’re currently using. To recap, FLAVIA® C600 introduces the biggest leap in drinks quality ever recorded by the FLAVIA® range, so you can enjoy luxury fresh milk beverages from a similar design that’s practical and easy to use.

As we move forward into a post-Covid world, you may still have a fear around visiting the coffee shop or high-street. With the FLAVIA® Creation 600 office coffee machine, you can bring the coffee shop to your workplace, with creamy lattes, cappuccinos and more including tea and hot chocolate. You’re even free to use your own milk, which is a quality scarcely found anywhere else. And it’s totally safe and hygienic, with zero risk of cross contamination.

This is a huge leap forward in what is possible from your FLAVIA® office coffee machine.

Whether it be because of luxurious hot drinks, refreshing cold drinks or the ease of use this coffee machine brings, make no mistake that the FLAVIA® Creation 600 is a wonderful upgrade to the Creation 500. Contact us today to get your upgrade started.

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The Flavia Creation 600 office coffee machine is a fantastic upgrade to your 500.
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