Borg T3 Water Tap

Borg T3 Tap

All-in-one water tap solutions for the workplace just got more advanced with the Borg T3. It is the first water tap to deliver hot water in addition to cold, ambient, and sparkling, and clever technology means it can do so on demand.

Bespoke technology houses thoughtful innovation to make the T3 a wonderful addition to the modern workplace. As with the rest of the Borg tap range, the brains come from the undercounter Pro-Core, though with much more intelligence added to the tap itself.

Reliable, efficient, and hygienic, explore the T3 in closer detail below.

Features & Benefits

  • The first tap system to offer hot, cold, ambient, and sparkling water.
  • Delivers hot water at 92 degrees, with cold water at 2 degrees available straight after. No heat transfer.
  • Components for all water types housed in the efficient and reliable under-counter Pro-Core unit.
  • Future proof with Bluetooth smartphone technology.
  • Comes with Vivovandt as standard: mercury free, chemical free water.

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Four-way water dispense.

The Borg T3 is the first water tap system that can be used as a true all-in-one refreshment solution for modern workplaces. This means it can be your source for crystal clear hydration and an outlet for your tea or coffee at the same time.

Previous water taps haven’t been able to dispense hot water because heat transfer means the cold and sparking water isn’t really cold. Borg’s innovation has presented a solution to the problem, so your cold water stays at just 2 degrees. Hot water, meanwhile, is dispensed at 92 degrees.

This is a hot tap system revolution. One tap for all you need.

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Pro-Core adds to the intelligence.

Just like with the T1 and T2 taps that came before it, the Borg T3 operates using the Pro Core undercounter unit. This contains reliable and efficient components to dispense the hot, cold, sparkling, and ambient water on demand.

Pro-Core is near silent in operation and only requires minimal maintenance to fit. It can use the same cut-out dimensions as the T1 and T2, so customers can upgrade easily should they want to. It also comes complete with an easy-fit ventilation kit, which helps increase the efficiency of T3.


Today’s working world is much different to what it was just a few years ago. And it’s still changing now. The Borg T3 water tap system comes prepared for the latest trends, with Bluetooth smartphone technology that adds convenience and removes shared touch points.

T3 is also highly efficient, helped by Pro-Core. Dry-chill cooling technology complements smaller details that make a big difference, such as an intelligence sensor that sends the appliance into standby mode when it detects periods of inactivity.

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Clean on the outside…

Borg’s impressive attention to detail is very much prevalent with the T3. A water tap system is highly innovative, with a design that showcases it to be the advanced piece of equipment that it is. With minimal yet distinct elegance, the Borg T3 will turn heads wherever you choose to place it in your workplace.

This delivers a brilliant employee perk that can boost the overall reputation of your company.

Clean on the inside…

Water may seem a simple form of refreshment, but it’s Borg’s approach that helps it stay that way. The brand own a lot of technologies that ensure T3, like with T1 and T2, delivers beautifully refreshing water that is wholly hygienic for the end user.

Vivovandt is an LED-UV water purification system that inhibits mercury and chemicals from developing. Moreover, their Totality methodology includes additional hygiene features.

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