Borg T2 Tap

Borg T2 Tap

Coinadrink is proud to offer the latest in workplace hydration solutions. Meet the Borg T2 water tap system, a stunning piece of equipment that is loaded with the latest technologies to provide a facility that is is perfect for the modern world.

The Borg T2 tap system leads the way in performance, efficiency and hygiene. T2 understands the value of high-quality water to improve the morale and productivity of your team and offers a solution that is particularly ideal for offices and communal areas of all shapes and sizes.

This is workplace hydration in 2022.

Features & Benefits

  • Advanced UV protection eliminates harmful bacteria.
  • Powered by Pro-Core, the next generation undercounter unit that leads the way in performance and efficiency.
  • Stunning design to complement any working environment.
  • Highly practical, with a 310mm dispense area ideal for jugs and bottles.
  • Contactless dispense maximises peace of mind.
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Powered by Pro-Core.

At the heart of the Borg T2 performance is Pro-Core. This slender undercounter unit is the brains behind the delivery, though neatly hides out of sight after easy installation.

It is fitted with the industry approved R290 gas, which offers a high-performance cooling unit to ensure your filtered water is the pinnacle of refreshment. This is sealed with colour-coated GreenCoat steel construction which ensures of lasting durability. It’s also sustainable.

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Practicality dispensed further.

The modern workplace has flexible demands for drinking water. Your office staff enjoy refilling a cup or bottle to help keep them productive throughout the day, whilst management like to take jugs and bottles into meetings as a way to maximise professionalism.

The Borg T2 tap system caters to everyone with a colossal 310mm dispense area. Whatever your requirements, the T2 can cope with demand.

Efficiency matters.

The modern-day business needs facilities that run parallel to their environmental responsibilities. Assisted by the performance of Pro-Core, which features a ventilation kit to increase the flow of cool air, the Borg T2 tap system is highly efficient.

It’s also fitted with a low light sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when the room is unoccupied.

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Built-in UV Protection.

As an option, the T2 can be fitted with Viovandt™, a mercury-free, chemical-free and energy-efficient LED-UV water purification system. This maintenance-free technology uses powerful UV-LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in the water.

For complete peace of mind, it also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality®methodology.

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Contactless dispense.

The discreet digital touch panel has an antimicrobial coating which helps prevent the transmission of germs via touch.

It’s also Bluetooth® enabled for mobile app dispensing of chilled, ambient, or sparkling water. The app enables users to dispense water touch-free, making it ideal for use in high footfall locations such as offices and factories.

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