Borg T1 water tap

Borg T1 Tap

Hot on the heels of the Borg T2, the T1 water tap system builds on the success of the U1 and gives more of everything to provide an enticing hydration solution for a variety of environments.

The T1 water tap system delivers huge performance from a compact design that oozes class. Your staff, visitors and customers will be amazed at what’s possible from this hydration facility, utilising the latest technologies in both hygiene and efficiency. It sits comfortably atop even the tightest of worktops to provide refreshing hydration on demand.

Another option for modern workplaces and environments looking to offer more.

Features & Benefits

  • High capacity dispensing!
  • A 35% improved flow rate for bottles to reduce single-use.
  • Easy installation.
  • Powered by Pro-Core, the next generation undercounter unit that leads the way in performance and efficiency.
  • Stunning design to complement any working environment.
  • Highly practical, with a 310mm dispense area ideal for jugs and bottles.
  • Contactless dispense and an antimicrobial tap maximises peace of mind.
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Massive performance.

Staying hydrated is crucial for wellbeing and productivity. So forth, hydration stations in the workplace are becoming more and more popular. The Borg T1 water tap system caters to higher demand than ever before. Up to 170 litres of cold, ambient and sparkling water (depending on water pressure) can be dispensed every hour, so even larger workplaces with a higher volume of staff will be satisfied.

Moreover, the T1 water tap system is the pinnacle of flexibility. Optimum dispense height for bottles and jugs means you’ll be doing your bit for the environment in reducing the need for single-serve cups, whilst a 35% improved flow rate makes it easy to fill whatever you need.

Borg T1 water tap system capacity
Borg T1 water tap system pro-core

Powered by Pro-Core.

At the heart of the Borg T1 water tap system performance is Pro-Core. This slender undercounter unit is the brains behind the delivery, though neatly hides out of sight after easy installation. This is one of the most compact undercounted units on the market.

It is fitted with the industry approved R290 gas, which offers a high-performance cooling unit to ensure your filtered water is the pinnacle of refreshment. This is backed up with DryChill, which is an energy efficient sealed cooling technology.

Efficiency matters.

The modern-day business needs facilities that run parallel to their environmental responsibilities. Assisted by the performance of Pro-Core, which features a ventilation kit to increase the flow of cool air, the Borg T1 water tap system is highly efficient.

It’s also fitted with a low light sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when the room is unoccupied.

Borg T1 water tap system efficiency

Built-in UV Protection.

As an option, the T1 can be fitted with Viovandt™, a mercury-free, chemical-free and energy-efficient LED-UV water purification system. This maintenance-free technology uses powerful UV-LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in the water.

For complete peace of mind, it also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality® methodology.

Borg T1 water tap system hygiene
A person holding a smart phone with a button on it.

Contactless dispense.

The discreet digital touch panel has an antimicrobial coating which helps prevent the transmission of germs via touch.

It’s also Bluetooth® enabled for mobile app dispensing of chilled, ambient, or sparkling water. The app enables users to dispense water touch-free, making it ideal for use in high footfall locations such as offices and factories.

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