Borg C3 water tap

Borg C3 Water Tap

Introducing the Borg C3 water tap – a sleek and sophisticated solution for workplace hydration that offers unbeatable convenience and quality.

The C3 water tap differs from the similar C2 in that it offers three faucets instead of two. This means it can offer hot water as well as cold, ambient, and sparkling, making the C3 an all-in-one refreshment solution for your business.

Ideal for high-capacity commercial environments like offices and showrooms, the C3 water tap is a cutting-edge facility that will enhance your space.

Features & Benefits

  • Stunning design that’s easy to use.
  • Three-faucet functionality also offers hot water.
  • Pro-Core performance from a compact under-counter size.
  • Advanced hygiene features for peace of mind.
  • Up to 80 litres of water per hour.
  • Bluetooth alarmed waste kit to prevent overflow.
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An all-in-one solution.

The Borg C3 water tap system has a hot water function, paired with the other two faucets that can offer any of cold, ambient, or sparkling water.

This means the C3 provides an enticing all-in-one refreshment solution. Stay hydrated throughout your day with beautifully filtered water, and then return to the facility to make a tea or coffee.

It’s all available from this stylish yet relatively compact tap system that’s effortless to use.

Borg C3 water tap features
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The brains of Pro-Core.

The C3’s performance is effortless, thanks to its discreet Pro-Core housed under the counter. Found in all of Borg’s hydration solutions, Pro-Core is both durable and reliable, dispensing up to 80 litres of water per hour. It also operates silently, with efficient ventilation.

Drinking water the way it should be…

The Borg C3 offers reassurance by utilising its Totality and Vivovandt approach, which guarantees the dispensing of pure, mercury-free water consistently. The Pro-Core’s water disinfection system guarantees the water’s safety, regardless of how long it has been stored in the tank.

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Smart alerts.

You need not worry about overflow when using the Borg C3 water tap system, as its drip tray is designed with the same meticulousness as the entire tap system and is immune to corrosion, unlike regular or carbon alloy steels. Furthermore, it can be equipped with a Bluetooth alarm that alerts you when it approaches the brink of overflowing.

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