Borg C2 water tap

Borg C2 Water Tap

The Borg C2 water tap is a stylish workplace hydration solution that represents high-quality convenience.

The C2 dispenses chilled and ambient or chilled and sparkling water from dual chrome faucet functionality. Borg water taps represent a great alternative to water coolers, providing beautifully filtered water at high output, making them ideal for high-capacity commercial environments including offices and showrooms.

The Borg C2 benefits from some of Borg’s exclusive and cutting-edge characteristics that prioritise quality, simplicity, and performance.

Features & Benefits

  • Beauty in simplicity.
  • Cold and ambient or cold and sparkling options.
  • Pro-Core performance from a compact under-counter size.
  • Advanced UV protection for high-quality water with each dispense.
  • Up to 80 litres of water per hour.
  • Bluetooth alarmed waste kit to prevent overflow.
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Effortless performance from Pro-Core.

Hydration in the workplace matters. The Borg C2 tap system will quench your thirst with unprecedented capability, thanks to Pro-Core that is housed discreetly undercounter.

Pro-Core, also found in the rest of Borg’s hydration solutions, is the brains behind the beauty. Durable and reliable, Pro-Core enables the C2 to dispense up to 80 litres of water per hour, making this tap ideal for even the busiest of environments.

It also leads the way in efficiency and ventilation, with silent operation.

Borg C2 water tap features
A black cabinet with two candle holders on it.

Simple to operate and maintain.

What good is high performance if it’s complicated to experience and enjoy? Impress your clients and visitors with simple beauty that translates to its operation: just pull on the faucets for effortless dispense.

Sharp, simple, and easy to maintain.

Peace of mind as standard.

Staying hydrated is vital and with the Borg C2 water tap you can relax knowing you’re dispensing premium drinking water with every dispense.

Borg’s Totality and Vivovandt methodology ensures of clean, mercury free water at all times. The water disinfection system housed within Pro-Core means it doesn’t matter how long the water has been sitting in the tank.

Borg C2 water tap near me
A black cabinet with two candle holders on it.

No overflow.

The drip tray on the Borg C2 water tap system is crafted with the same attention to detail as the rest of the tap system. Unlike ordinary or carbon alloy steels it won’t ever corrode, and it can be fitted with a Bluetooth alarm to warn you if it is close to overflow.

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