Borg B6 Water Dispenser

Borg B6 Water Dispenser

The Borg B6 is the most advanced water dispenser in the world to date. Borg have used their knowledge and experience from their past water dispensers to create the B6, meaning it leads the way in design, function and sustainability.

The Borg B6 plumbed-in water dispenser draws you in with a stunning design, carefully sculpted with even the smallest details in mind. Hidden with its meticulous frame is technology that provides a luxurious hydration experience, with beautifully filtered water that you can enjoy as cold, ambient, hot or sparkling.

Depending on your requirements and available space, you can experience the Borg B6 mains-fed water dispenser as either a tabletop or floor standing model.

Features & Benefits

  • The most advanced water dispenser in the world.
  • A minimalistic yet stunning design that is carefully crafted. Rethink what a water dispenser can be.
  • Built in the UK to reduce the carbon footprint. Built with sustainability at the heart.
  • Vivovandt technology combines with Biomaster technology to reduce bacteria.
  • Leads the way in efficiency.
  • Enjoy a contactless experience with Bluetooth technology.

Ideal for offices, gyms, leisure centres and HORECA.

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Form meets function.

The Borg B6 plumbed-in water dispenser is the result of Borg’s extensive experience in workplace hydration solutions.

They have developed a mains-fed water dispenser that combines time and investment in form and function in equal measure, to provide a workplace facility that will drive satisfaction and creativity. Even the smallest details are carefully considered to ensure this plumbed-in water cooler elevates its environment and the B6 stays true to Borg & Overström’s founding principles of applying striking aesthetics to inspire your every day. The paired-back, premium look of the seamless casing creates a calming contrast to the complex technology that lies within.

Within that casing is advanced technology that is the pinnacle of Borg’s intelligence. Amongst this is the high capacity boiler that can deliver a range of beverage possibilities on demand. The consumer can also bask in total peace of mind with Viovandt water purification system.

Borg B6 West Midlands
Borg B6 Mains Fed Water Cooler

Industry leading efficiency.

B6 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. Not only does it use energy-saving Dry Chill®  – Borg & Overström’s high-performance cooling technology – it’s also fitted with an intelligent sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when light levels are low, or after a period of inactivity.

Industry leading hygiene.

B6 is protected by Biomaster®. Antimicrobial technology inherent to the front panel, dispense area and the touch-sensitive console provides long-lasting protection against the growth of microbes, including bacteria and mould, reducing the potential for cross-contamination.

You can also control the Borg B6 plumbed-in water cooler with your smartphone, using Bluetooth technology. This helps reduce shared touch points.

Borg B6 plumbed-in water cooler

More than just a water dispenser.

A water dispenser is a fantastic employee perk that keeps your team hydrated and productive. The Borg B6 plumbed-in dispenser reimagines what is possible from this facility and is great for reception areas, showrooms and boardrooms.

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