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Borg B3 Water Cooler

The Borg B3 prioritises a safe and hygienic dispense, with a design that makes it ideal for the healthcare and education sectors.

Features & Benefits

  • Optimum height for interaction
  • Biggest dispense area in its class, ideal for bottles
  • Ultra-hygienic touch-sensitive dispense
  • Integrated cup dispenser
  • Tamper-proof rear cover guard
The hands-free foot switch from Borg provides an alternative contactless hydration experience.

Hands-free contactless foot switch.

The Borg B3 water dispenser is available with a hands-free foot switch. Effortlessly control the flow of water using just your foot.

This provides a contactless dispense and eliminates the need to touch the water cooler. Providing complete peace of mind for the user.

The hands-free foot switch is a simple yet innovative solution that can be retro-fitted to the Borg B3 water cooler.

Works with Borg’s mobile app!

You can also enjoy the Borg B3 water cooler with the company’s mobile app, available for both iPhone and Android. This enables the user to control their dispenser using just their smartphone.

This works in conjunction with the hands-free foot switch, so you can enjoy both of these contactless solutions if you prefer. Available as an upgrade on both new and existing water dispensers.

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