The AA First contactless POU water cooler comes with the revolutionary Sip Neo 3 technology as standard.

AA First 3300X POU Water Cooler

The reliable AA First 3300x POU water cooler comes equipped with the optional Sip Neo 3 technology. Now your water dispenser can “self-sanitise” every night or on a set custom schedule, providing peace of mind without you having to lift a finger. The AA First 3300x water dispenser is also contactless, so simply push your cup or bottle against the level without having to interact with the cooler itself. Available as plumbed-in and bottled, in two different sizes and a variety of configurations.

Optional on this cooler, Sip Neo 3 technology automatically sanitises your water dispenser every night, or on a custom schedule to suit you. It can also save you up to £80 a year in energy bills compared to water coolers without this technology.

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Features & Benefits

  • Revolutionary Sip Neo 3 technology optional.
  • Contactless dispense.
  • Industry leading reliability.
  • Stylish to enhance any environment.
  • Available in two different sizes across a variety of configurations.
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