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KLIX Outlook Floorstanding

The Klix Outlook is a hot drinks machine that fits around your busy lifestyle. In cup ingredients guarantee consistent quality from 16 different drink options, meaning your beverage will taste as though it has arrived from the coffee shop. Its user-friendly, one-touch operation means you never have to put your day on hold, so you can get back to work in no time.

Features & Benefits

  • In cup ingredients for consistent quality.
  • 16 drinks options (1375 cup capacity)
  • You choose what drinks you want available.
  • User-friendly, one-touch operation.
  • Brita filtered water as standard.
  • Ideal for sites of 40+ people.
Klix Outlook Vending Machine
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Klix Outlook Vending Machine

Size and Weight

Outlook Rented Vending Machine

Outlook Operated
Vending Machine

  Operated Machine Rented Machine
Coins, Notes* & Credit Cards*
Key System (Controlled Freevends)
Cleaning & Refilled on a Regular Basis
Service & Support
Brita Filter & Regular Replacement

* Options at an extra cost


  • Nescafe Gold Blend
  • Kenco Smooth
  • Nescafe Original
  • Nescafe Decaf
  • Nescafe Cappuccino
  • Nescafe Latte
  • Galaxy Mocha
  • Mocha
  • Maxwell House Vanilla Latte


  • PG Tips Tea Bag
  • PG Tips Tea Granules
  • Lipton Lemon Tea

Cold Drinks

  • Lemon and Lime Flavoured Water
  • Starburst Orange
  • Starburst Tropical


  • Knorr Vegetable Soup with Croutons
  • Knorr Chicken Soup
  • Knorr Tomato Soup
  • Bovril Beef Drink

Drink Selection

Chocamento In-cup Vending Drink Galaxy Mocha In-cup Vending Drink Chocamento In-cup Vending Drink Maxwell House Latte Incup Vending Drink Maxwell House Cappuccino Incup Vending Drink Nescafe Cappuccino Incup Vending Drink Gold Blend Decaf Incup Vending Drink Necasfe Original Incup Vending Drink Kenco Smooth Incup Vending Drink Gold Blend Incup Vending Drink Mocha Incup Vending Drink PG Tips Tea Incup Vending Drink Lipton Lemon Tea Incup Vending Drink Knorr Vegetable Soup Incup Vending Drink Knorr Tomato Incup Vending Drink Starburst Orange Cold Incup Vending Drink Starburst Tropical Cold Incup Vending Drink Lemon & Lime Cold Incup Vending Drink Brita Filtered Cold Water Drink

Technical Information

Electrical Specification 230Vac 13A Single Phase 50Hz
Water Pressure min 15 psi, (1.0 Bar) - max, 100 psi, (7 Bar)
Water Supply 15mm mains supply from rising main terminating in isolation valve, within 1 metre of machine
Cup Capacity up to 1268

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To find out more about this hot drinks machine or to arrange a demonstration at our head office in Walsall, please give us a call on: 0800 626 191 . Please note Coinadrink's operated vending service is available in the West Midlands and surrounding areas, but some machines are available for purchase nationwide.