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FRIIA HSC tap system from Coinadrink Limited.


The FRIIA HCS model is a compact hot, cold and sparkling undercounter water supply system with a 3-litre hot water boiler. The FRIIA HCS tap system is available in two different variations; the HCS and HCS Plus. Both provide a safe, stylish and efficient way to keep hydrated at work. This award-winning system has a stylish countertop front and drip tray which makes it easy to service and install. 

Features & Benefits

  • Hot, cold and sparkling water on demand. 
  • 3 litre water boiler provides all you need for smaller sites.
  • Safe, stylish and efficient.
  • Small footprint.

FRIIA HCS: More than meets the eye.

FRIIA Tap systems are nothing like you’ve ever seen before, despite looking refreshingly familiar. FRIIA HCS provides hot, cold and sparkling water on demand from a stunning design, whilst the under-counter boiler handles all the work.  It is ideal for smaller workplaces and for keeping your workforce hydrated. It’s also 23% more efficient than the competitors.

With the push of a button, the FRIIA HCS tap system delivers everything you need on demand.

FRIIA HSC tap system from Coinadrink Limited

Download the FRIIA HCS brochure.

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