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FRIIA HSC Plus tap system.


The FRIIA HCS Plus is a smart and stylish tap system that is specially reserved for larger sites that want the very best water tap system. The FRIIA HCS Plus tap delivers hot, cold and sparkling water on demand from a colossal 8 litre water tank, so it won’t call it a day until you do. This makes the HCS Plus perfect for hot, cold and sparkling beverages, all of which are delivered from efficient technology captured within a compact, easy to use design.

Features & Benefits

  • Hot, cold and sparkling water from an 8 litre water tank. 
  • Compact and easy to use.
  • Efficient.
  • Optimum height for interaction.

FRIIA HCS Plus: For those who demand more.

The FRIIA HCS Plus tap system delivers more capacity than the standard models, and adds sparking water for greater flexibility from your choice of beverages. It’s a remarkably similar design to a regular tap, but hidden within the stylish exterior is advanced technology that is 23% more efficient than similar alternatives. Hot, cold and sparkling water is delivered on demand from a huge 8 litre tank.

FRIIA HSC Plus tap system from Coinadrink Limited.

Download the FRIIA HSC Plus brochure.

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