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FRIIA HC Plus tap system.


The stylish FRIIA HC Plus model is an energy efficient, environmentally friendly hot and cold tap. The undercounter water system differs from the original HC model because it contains a larger 8-Litre boiler capacity, rather than a 3-Litre one, making it ideal for larger workplace settings. So, if you have a larger workplace and are looking for a reliable water supply then the FRIIA HC Plus is a great choice. 

Features & Benefits

  • 8L water boiler – perfect for larger sites. 
  • Heats water to 95 degrees!
  • Beautifully chilled water in addition.
  • Safe and efficient.

FRIIA HC Plus: High demand.

The FRIIA HC Plus is able to dispense hot water up to 95°C and has a cooling capacity of 35-40 litres per hour, enabling the tap system to provide continuous water according to your temperature preference. 

FRIIA HC models can also dispense an average number of 165 (170ml) cups of hot water and around 172-264 (170ml) cups of cold water per hour. The larger boiler capacity allows the tap system to run uninterrupted and for a longer period of time.

FRIIA HC Plus tap systems from Coinadrink Limited.

Download the FRIIA HC Plus brochure.

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