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We are in the process of reviewing our fresh food service for the future, how we provide this to you and how it is delivered.

There has been a recent announcement from our trusted fresh food machine manufacturer that as of September 2021 they will no longer be producing the machine that we have used for many years. Short term there is no concern as parts will be available for a further 5 years, however it has prompted us to start work on a project to hopefully elevate the service we provide to you.

We are currently looking at a few different options for the future, firstly is to simply move to an alternative manufacturer of a similar type of machine that you are used to seeing from us or to really offer something different and exciting.

There are two alternative manufacturers of traditional food vending machines, both have positives, and both have negatives vs the current machine, but in practise they would enable us to offer the same service we do now and your experience would not see a great change.

The alternative solution we are considering is a Smart Fridge, an innovative app driven commercial fridge that could take the fresh food service we provide to the next level. Both for us from the operation side to your overall end experience.

We want you to be involved in the process and invite you to read all the information below and take part in our questionnaire, it will really help us along the way.

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What is a Smart Fridge?

A Smart Fridge is an innovative way to deliver a fresh food service to users via a designated smartphone app, bespoke to us and the appliance. The app will provide advanced technological opportunities to improve the experience you receive, the way they are paid for and the way they are delivered.

The Smart Fridge app is used to view the menu of what is currently available in the fridge, purchase items, be notified of offers and promotions and be completely cashless.

Why might a Smart Fridge prove popular?

We think Smart Fridge’s could become the ‘go to’ for many businesses to provide a fresh food and refreshment solution to their staff. The menu will only show products currently available in the market so users could do this from their desk. The ability to have access to offers and promotions such as meal deals is not currently available through a traditional food vending machine. The fact it is app based means you do not have to worry about carrying cash. The Smart Fridge also enables the provision of different products as there is less restriction on the size.

What can you expect from our Smart Fridge?

Simplicity, reliability and great product choice! The aim is to create a fridge that gives you the ultimate experience of offers, promotions and loyalty features along with a great product range. The technology will allow us to have real time data of stock availability and analyse usage so in time we can ensure we are stocking your fridge with the items you want and need.

The benefits to you.

Seeing real time data from the fridges will mean we can plan our routes more carefully and stock the products we know you and your staff enjoy. If we see low stock availability we can act on it, rather than it only be seen on our next visit.

The product range capabilities will be better due to no limitations on the size of product we can stock, so we will be exploring different suppliers to provide you with more quality food items.

The app will allow us to offer promotions to users, meal deals and money off opportunities to give the convenience or supermarket experience in the workplace.

As the fridge is completely cashless and has fewer mechanical parts than a vending machine it should be highly reliable and controllable remotely by us if there is a problem, meaning less potential downtime if an issue does arise.

Vending Machine

Payment Options

Cash and card.

Offers and Promotions

Not possible.

Timed Sales

A section can be pre-set so products only become available at a certain time e.g. nightshifts.

Product Range

Wide range available but must confirm to a size. Approx 130 items at capacity based on our standard layout.


Cleaning of compartments is extremely time consuming and difficult.


Completed as per a schedule.

Smart Fridge

Payment Options

App based ordering and payment.

Offers and Promotions

Unlimited possibilities.

Timed Sales

Not possible.

Product Range

Potential to stock any item. Exact capacity potential not yet known.


Quick and easy.


Carried out based on live data, which means it will be quicker.

Could this fresh food solution be the ideal option for your business?

Take our questionnaire and leave your feedback.

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