Vending Machines For Canteens And Cafeterias
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Canteen Machines

We understand that canteens can be busy environments so a vending machine that is suited to this environment is a must. Whether it be backing up a canteen or a stand alone system in place we can provide a solution ideal for your requirements.

Canteen Vending Machines

Coinadrink can provide a wide choice of vending machines to complement your canteen facility during busy periods or when the canteen is closed.

Offering a fantastic choice of coffees, teas and speciality drinks; all available at the touch of a button, our range of tabletop machines are an ideal addition that can help your staff with the lunchtime rush. Alternatively, our range of floor standing machines can provide an excellent range of fresh food options alongside both hot and cold drinks, outside of normal canteen operating hours; or as a backup during busy periods.

Benefits of Hiring Vending Machines for Canteens

Vending machines offer the ideal way to support and backup your canteen facility. During busy periods, such as the lunchtime rush, demand is often quite high and having vending machines for the canteen can help to reduce the pressure on your staff. Tabletop hot drinks machines can be used as self-service machines or an over the counter service, both options helping to save time and pressure for your staff. Our floor standing machines can be used to offer a great choice of top branded drinks, snacks and fresh food outside of normal canteen hours, whilst also acting as a backup during busy periods. Coinadrink’s team of engineers will provide regular servicing and maintenance to machines, removing all the hassle for you and your staff.

Canteen Vending Machine Services

As part of Coinadrink's fully operated service, all of our floor standing vending machines, supplied on this basis, are cleaned and restocked by Coiandrink's team of route operators. This ensures a consistent supply of top branded products for your staff or visitors to choose from, which can be especially useful during periods when the canteen is not manned. Our table top machines are easy to use and clean and can be filled by the customer, Coinadrink will provide regular service and maintenance. Table top machines can be used as a self-service option for customers or alternatively they can be operated behind the counter by your staff, both options offering convenience and helping to save time and money.