Think hydration doesn’t matter in the winter? Think again!

It’s been one of the worst winters in recent memory. Many mornings have begun with extremely cold starts, and we’ve often had to make the journey into work through snow, ice, wind and rain. It’s only natural, then, to crave a hot drink when we finally do get into the office. Very little else can motivate you in the same way a hot drink can, but as the colder weather looks set to continue for a little while longer, we’re asking you not to forget your water cooler either. Many people disregard the topic of hydration all too easily in the winter, and this is dangerous.

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The importance of hydration in the winter!

Hydration is rightfully a hot topic in the summer. For all the beauty of a warmer climate and the lighter mornings and evenings, it’s easy for a black cloud to appear if you don’t consume enough fluids, even if you’re not doing any strenuous activity. We covered many reasons as to why you must keep yourself hydrated in the workplace, ranging from the relief of headaches to muscle efficiency, but don’t think for one moment that you need to brush off the topic now that the winter weather is arriving. Make no mistake, keeping yourself hydrated is vital all year round…

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