The micro market comes to the UK

Coinadrink have been operating in the vending industry for over 50 years, but have never been afraid to embrace new ideas. We have recently been developing a project that has opened up our services to a range of new customers, and much larger sites in general. It allows us to offer far more choice and a better shopping experience than we can achieve with traditional vending machines.

The concept behind Express Refreshments is quite simple. The convenience store concept has been adapted to meet the needs of the work place. It becomes a viable way for organisations to offer their staff a wide range of food and beverages 24/7 in house at every day prices. It is cashless, unattended and it follows self-checkout. As it is unattended, it needs to be in a secure location, with a regular clientele.

In an Express Refreshments micro market the customer chooses his purchases from open racks, coolers, freezers and bins. Continue reading “The micro market comes to the UK”

Introducing the all-new Galaxy hot chocolate OOH range

Leading food and drinks manufacture Aimia foods has upgraded and enhanced its already successful Galaxy out of home hot chocolate products, and claims that Galaxy can grow sales versus generic, non-branded products by as much as 30%. This comes after Galaxy Hot Chocolate Vending and Galaxy Hot Chocolate Table Top have been a lot more popular and have been brought far more closely in line with the confectionery brand values.

Express Refreshments – New Projects

Here at Coinadrink, we will begin trying out our new Express Refreshment system in the first quarter of 2013. Not only is this new, but it’s also within our belief that it’s a first for the UK, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. A lot of time and effort has gone into this project and more information can be found in the next edition of Refreshing Times.

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A new look for our drinks machines

We are happy to say that we are in the process of rebranding our machines, in the hope that they will carry a new, fresh experience for you when they are in use. Many vending machines such as the Torino have been re-developed so they enter our exciting new era range, and the stunning new design arrives hand in hand with flexible sizing, so you definitely won’t find a reason to turn one down. Keep checking back for more news and we will keep you posted on how things are progressing over the coming months.

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