Bask in the heatwave, but don’t forget to keep hydrated!

It’s somewhat a rarity in this country to be filled with promise upon viewing the weather forecast, yet we have reason to be excited for this coming week. The whole of the UK are set to revel in scorching temperatures to which will peaktoday, and the hot conditions are set to rival those in Spain and Greece. While this will be gratefully appreciated, it does mean that the importance of keeping hydrated is higher than ever.

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Coinadrink help to promote Just Small Change…

Charity work has always been an aspect that Coinadrink are particularly keen on, and we are proud to say that we are doing our bit for yet another good cause, Just Small Change.

The microfinance charity aims to support the growth of businesses in developing countries, offering many an escape route from poverty. They ensure that small scale loans are provided, as well as saving schemes and business training to ensure that poorer countries have a ray of hope in economic development.

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