Cafe Casa Coffee Tower

It is hard to miss the strongly branded, self- service and self-contained coffee units that are already a common feature of garage forecourts the length and breadth of the country. These Coffee Towers are now moving into other sectors of the community: health, education and even business & industry, anywhere with a demand for gourmet coffee on-the-go and around the clock.

Until now, this gourmet vending niche has been dominated by giant international brands, but this month, Coinadrink are delighted to unveil our own, fully branded Coffee Tower. The project is the result of many months work, planning, designing and creating a Coffee Tower that will not only serve great gourmet coffee, but is also superbly presented to attract customers and reliable, for trouble-free operation.

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Refreshing Times Autumn 2013 – Paper Cups Versus Plastic

Paper cups have become increasingly popular in
recent years as a result of their extensive use by
Starbucks and Costa, along with most fast food
outlets. The consumer is therefore very familiar
with using paper packaging and perceives the
value of a beverage in a paper cup to be higher.
Despite this, plastic cups still dominate in the
vending sector, due to their competitive price
and reliability. The failure rate of plastic cups in
a typical vending machine is almost zero………..