Micro Market – A dream for the millennials.

Express Refreshments is an advanced division that envisaged the future of vending with the Micro Market. It understood the few pitfalls of vending to offer over 400 products, all in an unmanned, self-service convenience store that’s located in the heart of the workplace. Today’s working world is more demanding than ever, with staff, clients and visitors placing higher expectations on the refreshment offerings in your business, and it all stems from the Millennials.

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The Micro Market – Now nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018!

Since its inception in 2013, our Micro Market has been the revolution in workplace refreshments. Many of our customers are delighted with a genuine ‘refreshment hub’ in the workplace, and such an advanced refreshment solution has now caught the eye of those further afield. So much so, in fact, that we are thrilled to say that our Micro Market has now been nominated for Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018, a huge honour for us indeed!

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Simplify your ‘vending’ experience with our innovative Micro Markets!

Vending has come a long way over the years, providing businesses with quality hot and cold refreshments in convenient, contemporary machines. Despite this, we at Coinadrink have often felt that there was a gap in the market for something different, something bigger, and something that doesn’t really feel like vending at all. Sure, our fantastic range of machines are more than good enough for most companies, but we strive to cater for everyone, and don’t want to leave anyone behind.

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The hottest new trend in vending has arrived

Micro Markets are here and they’re ready to re-shape your food-vending experience. From the leaders in healthy vending, they will provide a futuristic approach that again shows how far the industry has travelled over the years. Fresh Micro Markets are self-service, unattended machines that enable you to enjoy fresh, healthy choices in corporate locations suited to you. In short, they’re brilliant and Coinadrink are joining the hype with our new Express Refreshments market.

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