What makes a speciality coffee?

Since its apparent birth in the 10th century, the coffee bean has quickly gained a responsibility for masses of hot drinks. The Espresso gives you the lift you need, a Latte offers you a chance to relax, and there’s even a Cafe Mocha to now mix the two elements together through coffee and hot chocolate.

In such a diverse range of ‘regular’ coffees, though, there’s also a wide range of speciality coffees that do enough to send many people into a frenzy. But what actually is a speciality coffee, how does it differ to regular one, and ultimately, why should you care?

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Hard work brings success…and an upgrade.

Coinadrink are delighted to announce that we have upgraded our membership with the Black Country Chamber of Commerce! This excellent organisation prides itself on being a non-profit group, encouraging the growth and success of its members through support, advice and exposure. We are pleased to be joining The Platinum Group Service Sector, which is a network of committed leaders within the region who meet to share best practice and develop their leadership skills in a collaborative and confidential environment.

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Grab a brew, settle down, and hear about the curious tale of Tea…

You don’t have to travel far to find someone who loves a good cup of tea. Sweet or not, milky or strong, a steaming mug is well loved across the Nation, though the origins of the hot drink don’t actually stem from the UK despite the common belief. And now, on National Tea Day, allow us to take you back in time to where they did actually begin…

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Take a trip down memory lane with Roger Williams!

February 2017 saw us celebrate our 55th birthday, and this incredible achievement has been just reward for hard work and a great customer-centric attitude right from the word go.

Owner Roger Williams has been at the helm the whole time, and has continually maintained a forward-thinking attitude to provide you with the very best vending experience. We have a range of dedicated departments committed to each and every aspect of your service, from our friendly and helpful operators re-stocking the machines, to our all-knowledgeable engineers helping you with any problems. When you purchase or rent one of our products, we’re here for you throughout your entire contract, showing why we’re more than just a vending company.

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