Recipe of the week – Bounty Coffee

The varieties of coffee are ever increasing, with each one that little bit different yet identical in its luscious taste. Think Iced Coffee with more of a personal taste when it comes to Bounty Coffee, perfect for the warmer temperatures as we look to make the most of our remaining summer.

  • 8cl cafe
  • 10cl milk
  • 2cl coconut syrup 1883
  • grated coconut coffee beans


Fill a shaker with ice and add the coffee and the milk. Shake vigorously and sieve the tumbler (a light foam should be obtained). Pour the syrup so it settles at the bottom.


The smokin’ hot facts about ice cold drinks

Cold drinks have always been popular, never more so than at this time of year when temperatures climb higher than ever. Despite this they’ve always held a place in our hearts no matter the season and with exciting new varieties such as Iced and handmade beverages becoming available to us, their well favoured status looks set to extend further. Take a read below about a few facts and figures on the cold beverage;

  • The total turnover for iced beverage sales across the entire coffee shop industry was estimated at £244m in 2014, accounting for 3.6% of total turnover!

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* 2cl Chocolate Cookie 1883 syrup
* 1 Scoop (10cl) Vanilla icecream
* 8cl Coconut milk

Pour all the ingredients into a blender, add a little crushed ice, and blitz to obtain a smooth, creamy mixture. Serve in a tumbler or plastic cup.
Decorate with chocolate shavings, cocoa powder, and cookie

*** Recipe source: 183 MAISON ROUTIN FRANCE ***