Recipe Of The Week….. Cafe Creme Brulee

Café Crème Brulee

1 pump Sweetbird White Chocolate syrup
1 pump Sweetbird Caramel syrup
Double espresso
Steamed milk

Combine the espresso and syrups in a cup, top with the milk, stir and finish with whipped cream and crumbled honeycomb. That is beyond a drink.

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Recipe Of The Week……….Banana Steamer

Why not tempt your taste buds with something different.

2 pumps Banana syrup…
2 pumps White Chocolate sauce
Steamed milk
Mini marshmallows

Combine syrup and sauces in a cup and top up with steamed milk. Top with marshmallows and serve.

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The micro market comes to the UK

Coinadrink have been operating in the vending industry for over 50 years, but have never been afraid to embrace new ideas. We have recently been developing a project that has opened up our services to a range of new customers, and much larger sites in general. It allows us to offer far more choice and a better shopping experience than we can achieve with traditional vending machines.

The concept behind Express Refreshments is quite simple. The convenience store concept has been adapted to meet the needs of the work place. It becomes a viable way for organisations to offer their staff a wide range of food and beverages 24/7 in house at every day prices. It is cashless, unattended and it follows self-checkout. As it is unattended, it needs to be in a secure location, with a regular clientele.

In an Express Refreshments micro market the customer chooses his purchases from open racks, coolers, freezers and bins. Continue reading “The micro market comes to the UK”