New Range Of Birchall Tea

‘BIRCHALL TEA’. The retail packets are sold in Marks & Spencer Food Halls and other high end retailers where they command a premium price due to their exceptional quality and packaging

All Birchall teas produce brighter, stronger, golden infusions that are“gutsy” and full of flavour. Unlike competitors, they do not compromise on quality. Birchall teas are 100% pure main grade black leaf tea, no powder, dust or stalk is added. All are produced from high grown, younger and more modern camellia sinensis clones in ideal climatic, soil conditions, and no pesticides are used.


Express Refreshments – New Projects

Here at Coinadrink, we will begin trying out our new Express Refreshment system in the first quarter of 2013. Not only is this new, but it’s also within our belief that it’s a first for the UK, meaning you won’t find them anywhere else. A lot of time and effort has gone into this project and more information can be found in the next edition of Refreshing Times.

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Visit us at the Black Country Chamber Annual Exhibition – Sept 20th 2012

Why not pop along and meet some of the Coinadrink and Refreshment Shop Teams @ this years Black Country Chamber Exhibition, at Wolverhampton Race Course – 20th Sept 2012. We will have some samples to hand and be delighted to answer any questions relating to your vending or refreshment solutions.


Barry Callebaut shifts entire production to sustainable cocoa

Callebaut has launched its ‘Growing Great Chocolate’ campaign and has shifted the entire production of the ‘Finest Belgian Chocolate’ to sustainable cocoa. The company has also established a $1.05m Centre of Cocoa Excellence to promote advanced agricultural techniques in Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s largest cocoa producing country. Remember all our chocolate drinks are ethically sourced.