Recipe Of The Week – Easter Chic Surprise

Why not treat yourselves to something eggstra special this Easter!

1 pump Sweetbird Chocolate sauce
1 pump Sweetbird Caramel sauce
2 pumps Sweetbird Banana syrup
Steamed milk
Whipped cream

Method: Combine sauce and syrup, add the milk, top with whipped cream and decorate with chocolate sauce on the outside and caramel sauce in the middle – like a crème egg!

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Recipe Of The Week – Hot Chocolate Brownie

Why not indulge yourself with this luxurous recipe

2x pumps Sweetbird Caramel Fudge syrup
3x pumps Sweetbird Chocolate sauce
Steamed milk

Method: Combine ingredients and finish with a dusting of cocoa powder.


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How To Organise Your Own MacMillan Coffee Morning

The MacMillan Coffee Morning is the charites biggest fundraising event, and each year members of the general public get to host their very own morning which predominantly takes place in the UK where MacMillan operates. The donations received for the coffee mornings go towards MacMillan’s fantastic cancer services.

In 2013, MacMillan received a total donation of £20 million from around 154,000 people.
Everybody loves to get involved with these meetings, because it’s a chance to share a cup of the good stuff with new people as well as help fund a fantastic cause.

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Recipe Of The Week – Classic Banana Milkshake

Why not remember the good old days and enjoy a classic banana milkshake!

3 pumps of Sweetbird Banana syrup
half scoop of Vanilla frappé powder
Professional blender

Method: Half fill cup with ice, add syrup and top up with milk. Pour into blender and blend with the frappé powder. Pour back into glass to serve. Banana heaven…….

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