Recipe of the week – Chocolate Caramel Espresso

Lift your spirits on this miserable day and enjoy a delicious Chocolate Caramel Espresso

* 2 Pumps Sweetbird Dark Chocolate sauce
* 2 Pumps Sweetbird Caramel Syrup
* Steamed milk
* Whipped cream
* Double espresso


Combine the sauce, syrup and espresso in a cup, top up wilth milk, stir and top with whipped cream and drizzle syrup over the cream.

Don’t forget you can find all the ingredients you require on our online Refreshment Shop.

Today is Jeans for Genes Day

Yet another superb charity. In total, around 30,000 newborn babies suffer with a genetic disorder and the majority of deaths under the age of 14 are due to genetic disorder. Because of this, it is immensely important that we do all we can to help make the lives of the suffering and their families as stress free as possible. This is exactly what Jeans for Genes Day attempts to do. By wearing Jeans in your workplace, you can make a donation and help make the lives of the children just that bit brighter.

Coinadrink are committed to helping this brilliant charity and all staff will be arriving to work on the 19th September dressed in Jeans. We understand the trauma that affected children and their families face and we are determined to help make a difference.

Recipe of the week – Pink Lemonade

Often regarded as the ultimate source of cool refreshment, pink lemonade is perfect for those deliciously hot days. And with the chilly autumn months seemingly placed on hold while summer stays on show, allow yourself to drift off into heaven with this sumptuous treat.

Putting a twist onto standard lemonade with the addition of raspberry syrup, many people quite rightfully believe it tastes all the better for it. After all, why just use lemons when you can add raspberries as well?

In order to enjoy this summery indulgence, simply scour the recipe below and don’t forget you can order all your ingredients from

* Sweetbird Lemon Smoothie
* 1 Pump Sweetbird raspberry syrup
* Chilled water
* Ice
* Slices of lemon
Method:Half fill cup with ice, add smoothie to half way, add syrup and top up with water.
Stir and serve with a slice of lemon.


Coinadrink staff prepare to ‘Walk for Dreams’

On 21st September 2014, Coinadrink will be completing the 9 mile walk in order to raise money for terminally ill children as part of ‘Walk for Dreams’ and these are just some of the staff that will be taking part! Coinadrink, or rather, The Vendies, are grateful for all your support in the matter and we can only hope for hot, or at least dry, weather to help make a great day!

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