Coinadrink help to promote Just Small Change…

Charity work has always been an aspect that Coinadrink are particularly keen on, and we are proud to say that we are doing our bit for yet another good cause, Just Small Change.

The microfinance charity aims to support the growth of businesses in developing countries, offering many an escape route from poverty. They ensure that small scale loans are provided, as well as saving schemes and business training to ensure that poorer countries have a ray of hope in economic development.

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Recipe Of The Week – Chamango Smoothie

* ‪‎sweetbird‬ Mango Smoothie
* Chia seeds
* Camoy sauce
* Water
* Ice


Fill cup with ice, with 1/3 water and 2/3 smoothie. Pour into blender jug, add a teaspoon of chia seeds and blend. Pour back into a cup and top with a splash of chamoy sauce to taste.

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Recipe Of The Week – Exotic Breeze

2cl passion fruit syrup 1883
12cl mango nectar
6cl cranberry juice
1 lime quarter

Pour the syrup and nectar into an ice-filled tumbler. Stir with a spoon, then add ice and the cranberry juice. Squeeze the lime quarter and place it in the glass. Add a stirrer and garnish with half a passion fruit, a raspberry and a mint sprig.

Recipe courtesy of 1883 Maison Routin

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