Express Refreshments puts a different spin on traditional vending

For when vending simply isn’t enough, Express Refreshments are there to provide a unique way to consume food and drink in the workplace. Our 50+ years in high quality vending have enabled us to create what we believe is the first Micro market in the UK and once you try it out, you’ll find it hard to go back.

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Sumptuous snacks available over at Refreshment Shop

We all get peckish every now and again in the office, and thankfully Refreshment Shop is here to fill your vending machine up with loads of tasty goodies! Whether you’ve got one sweet tooth or a mouthful, our stunning range of big branded confectionary such as Cadbury and Nestle will suit your needs perfectly. Or if you’re someone who goes for savoury over sweet, products from the likes of Walkers are ready to grace your machine and keep that niggling hunger at bay.

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The hottest new trend in vending has arrived

Micro Markets are here and they’re ready to re-shape your food-vending experience. From the leaders in healthy vending, they will provide a futuristic approach that again shows how far the industry has travelled over the years. Fresh Micro Markets are self-service, unattended machines that enable you to enjoy fresh, healthy choices in corporate locations suited to you. In short, they’re brilliant and Coinadrink are joining the hype with our new Express Refreshments market.

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New range of Lion Biscuits

Introducing the new range of biscuits.
Lion Products are a long established and respected family business in Belgium. Their products are international and recognised for quality in both wrappers andbiscuits. Lion Products source the finest traditional biscuits from all over Europe.

Biscuits a la Carte are the traditional Speculoo original recipe with a light touch of spice. Unique in quality and design. There are 9 delightful embossed patterns in every case of 300 biscuits (sleeve wrapped 6 x 50)

Tea moments

Tea Moments 8 biscuits (120 total) A selection with a touch of cocoa.

Cafe Noir 

Cafe Noir A crisp biscuit base with a fantastic iced coffee top. (120 per case)






Delight 8 biscuits (120 total) a delicious selection with several chocolate coated biscuits.