The hottest new trend in vending has arrived

Micro Markets are here and they’re ready to re-shape your food-vending experience. From the leaders in healthy vending, they will provide a futuristic approach that again shows how far the industry has travelled over the years. Fresh Micro Markets are self-service, unattended machines that enable you to enjoy fresh, healthy choices in corporate locations suited to you. In short, they’re brilliant and Coinadrink are joining the hype with our new Express Refreshments market.

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Cadbury Daily Milk with Oreo coming to a machine near you

Found in over 100 countries and taking the award for the best selling cookie, Oreo’s are highly regarded here in the UK while Dairy Milk, another favorite, has gone onto be one of the most successful and famous chocolate brands in the world. So despite it being rather surprising that the two companies have taken this long to merge and produce an amazing treat, finally it is has arrived. Coming to a vending machine near you, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is coming to a machine near you.

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The micro market comes to the UK

Coinadrink have been operating in the vending industry for over 50 years, but have never been afraid to embrace new ideas. We have recently been developing a project that has opened up our services to a range of new customers, and much larger sites in general. It allows us to offer far more choice and a better shopping experience than we can achieve with traditional vending machines.

The concept behind Express Refreshments is quite simple. The convenience store concept has been adapted to meet the needs of the work place. It becomes a viable way for organisations to offer their staff a wide range of food and beverages 24/7 in house at every day prices. It is cashless, unattended and it follows self-checkout. As it is unattended, it needs to be in a secure location, with a regular clientele.

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New Range Of Birchall Tea

‘BIRCHALL TEA’. The retail packets are sold in Marks & Spencer Food Halls and other high end retailers where they command a premium price due to their exceptional quality and packaging

All Birchall teas produce brighter, stronger, golden infusions that are“gutsy” and full of flavour. Unlike competitors, they do not compromise on quality. Birchall teas are 100% pure main grade black leaf tea, no powder, dust or stalk is added. All are produced from high grown, younger and more modern camellia sinensis clones in ideal climatic, soil conditions, and no pesticides are used.