Mark Black Country day in style

Today is Black Country Day and is definitely a great occasion to show your love of the Black Country and all things linked! Black Country Day began when people wanted to commemorate the invention of the Newcomen Engine which was the first to make use of the power of steam. Due to the Black Country’s influence on the Industrial Revolution, many people rightly feel that this is a special day that deserves to remembered.

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Wimbledon 2014

Although it may be overshadowed this year due to the World Cup, Wimbledon still offers a fantastic sense of excitement that you can’t really put a price on. And for Great Britain there is even more reason to look forward to the 2014 championships with Andy Murray attempting to retain his title after becoming the first British player to win the British tournament for 77 years! Wimbledon is highly regarded as the most prestigious grand slam around with iconic features that set it apart from all the rest. These include the historic centre court, iconic Henmann Hill and the Royal Box that has accommodated the likes of William and Kate in past championships. Everything about the place bristles with quality and is definitely a must-visit!

If your one of the lucky few to be able to watch or catch up on the tournament during working hours, then you’ll need a cup of deliciously crisp water in order to keep a lid on your excitement. For every match point, every rally and every serve, a stunning water cooler to suit all of your employees needs will be a must.  In the midst of all the excitement at a truly fascinating sporting event, don’t allow yourself to get hot and bothered. Visit Coinadrink and keep cool with our supreme range of options!

World Cup 2014

The greatest sporting event around; the FIFA World Cup. Bringing together 32 Nations to engage in delight and heartache, even non-football fans find it hard to not take an interest. While the potential success of your own country is at stake, it is also an opportunity to witness the majority of the greatest footballers on the planet take part in a competition that only comes around every 4 years. For many, it is near impossible not to fall in love with it during its 5 week appearance on our TV screens. While England may not have the best chance of success, they certainly won’t be missing out on our incredible support and brave optimism. Come on England!

Just like with every sporting event, the World Cup provides weeks of excitement and debates. Who will win? Who will get out of the groups? Who will be the top goalscorer? And ultimately, how far will England get?  Make sure you get the most out of the office discussion with a hot drinks machine or a water cooler. The perfect partners in debate!