We’re on the countdown to party night. Are you ready?

Get your calendars out, because we’re excited to say that party night is now just 10 days away! New Year has started with a bang, and everyone has been working hard to ensure that the evening in question will be a great night for all. As you’re aware, party night is a celebration of our 55th birthday, and is a sign of our gratitude to our staff, suppliers and customers. Without each and every one, Coinadrink would not have enjoyed such longevity, and certainly wouldn’t have experienced such success.

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Sipping on National Tea Month.

On a rather strange introduction to National Tea Month, we want to begin by saying that tea is no longer the Nation’s beverage of choice. While this may be rather depressing for the tea lovers out there, the fact is that the rise in coffee shops such as Costa and Starbucks have actually soared coffee way beyond its counterpart. It is worth remembering, though, that such a change in our hot beverage choice is more about the rise in coffee as oppose to the fall in tea.

It was only little over a year ago that a survey from Unilever recorded that 66% of people drink tea in the home compared to 64% that drink coffee. Rest assured that us Brits are still very much a tea loving Nation, and a piping hot cup of tea is often what’s needed for many of us.

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Can we count on your vote for the FM Awards 2018?

You may remember that back in October, we announced the exciting news that our Micro Market had been nominated for the Tomorrow’s FM Awards 2018. Tomorrow’s FM is a great way to keep you updated with everything that goes on the Facilities Management industry either through magazine or online, and regularly highlights fresh innovation that aims to make the working day more productive for employees. We were absolutely delighted to hear that our Micro Market had caught the eye a few months back, and we are now equally as excited to say that voting has officially commenced. Our Micro Market will be going up against other standout products and services from the previous year, so can we count on your vote?

How to vote…

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The history of Christmas…

As incredible as it may seem, Christmas is now just 6 days away. This week is the last at work for many of us, and we won’t return till the New Year. It’s understandable for the festive time to be quite stressful, but we’re hoping that the 25th will be anything but. Christmas is a time to be enjoyed with loved ones, and is the most widely celebrated festival in the world. What exactly is the history of Christmas, though?

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