Mrs Crimbles have now arrived in your machine!

Snacking has always been something we have enjoyed, and often acts as a fantastic pick me up during the day. Mrs Crimbles’ have been around in machines now for a while and provide tasty, baked snacks that you are sure to enjoy during the working day. What really makes them unique however is that these sumptuous treats are gluten free, meaning that everyone can enjoy them whenever they want.

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Sumptuous snacks available over at Refreshment Shop

We all get peckish every now and again in the office, and thankfully Refreshment Shop is here to fill your vending machine up with loads of tasty goodies! Whether you’ve got one sweet tooth or a mouthful, our stunning range of big branded confectionary such as Cadbury and Nestle will suit your needs perfectly. Or if you’re someone who goes for savoury over sweet, products from the likes of Walkers are ready to grace your machine and keep that niggling hunger at bay.

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Tired of Frappes and Smoothies? 5 alternative drink ideas for the perfect summer

With summer fast approaching and the long range forecast promising some sunshine for a change, it seems like a good time to talk about cold drinks. Although coffee is enjoying such a boom in popularity that sales have tended not to dip too much over the warmer months, it is still wise to think about maximising profits by offering something cool and refreshing alongside your normal espresso based offerings.

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Whitworths – guilt free snacking

Everybody likes to snack on goodies during the working day, yet that irresistible chocolate bar or packet of crisps may have you feeling guilty come the end. In all honesty, the words ‘snacking’ and ‘guilt’ often pair hand in hand and a new company has arrived fresh on the scene to change that perception. Whitworths provide a wide range of great tasting snacks to suit all taste buds. The best bit? Each and every option available is less than 100 calories?

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