Delicious new Border biscuits have now arrived at Coinadrink!

Border are a family owned company that have been sharing the love of biscuits for over 30 years. They began in 1984, when John Cunningham purchased a tiny factory in Lanark and entrusted his four workers to set about making the best biscuits they could. With little machinery available, it was a hard task, yet one that was soon overcome. Over the following years, further recipes have been added to their range, and they’ve been forced to expand the business due to such high demand. Coinadrink place only the very best snacks in our machines, so remember that when you see the new ‘Café Bake’ range in your workplace…

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The Micro Market – Revolutionising Workplace Refreshments.

Coinadrink have innovation engrained into our DNA, and Express Refreshments, our own branch division, is responsible for the UK’s first Micro Market! We saw the potential of the Market in its ability to completely change the face of workplace refreshments, and we were right.

More Choice.

We wanted to make workplace refreshments easily accessible for every business, such is the reason the Market was designed. The unmanned, self-service convenience store places over 400 products in the hands of your staff, and acts as a ‘refreshment hub’. Hot drinks, cans and bottles, fresh food, snacks and confectionary are readily available in an aesthetically pleasing layout, and we can stock your market with extensive healthy options.

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A drink with less than 10 calories? Whisper the word around!

Coinadrink understand the importance of healthy hydration in the workplace, and so forth have extensive options available. For those who would rather a flavoured drink as oppose to water, big brands such as Coca Cola, Fanta and Vimto are always available, and we’re continually on the lookout to add extra quality to the offerings. Whisper, an exciting and unique cold drink, is something we are particularly excited to see arriving…

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Chocolate Digestive – the classic arrives.

Ask people what their favourite biscuit is, and the classic chocolate digestive courtesy of McVities will steal a lot of opinions. In fact, in many recent surveys, it did. In a light-hearted twitter competition undertaken by Richard Osman, he presented many polls to his 594k followers as to what was the best ‘bikkie’, and the grand final was between the chocolate digestive and the chocolate finger. With a majority of 51%, the digestive won, with the only shock being how close it was.

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