New Golden Wonder ‘Chippies’ pave a golden snacking experience.

Golden Wonder are a top brand that certainly live up to their name, and the history is just as rich as their flavours. Although it may not be of common knowledge to everybody, the company actually began 70 years ago in the small town of Stockbridge, Edinburgh…

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McVities Nibbles – bitesize delight!

The need for snacking in the workplace is of growing importance, which is why we’re so keen to roll out new options for your staff to enjoy. We’ve had Stroopwafels, Maynards and McCoys, and now McVities Nibbles will soon be joining the rest of the range.

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Super Stroopwafels coming to a machine near you!

Listen up! Our snack machines look set to house a new arrival shortly, and it’s certainly a delicious one. Stroopwafels originated from the Dutch city of Gouda in the 18th century, and are a waffle like treat whereby a caramel syrup is enveloped between two pieces of dough.

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Vimto provides a tasty alternative to keep hydrated!

We all need to understand the importance of keeping ourselves hydrated, but we must also accept that there are different methods in which we can ensure it. Water may be the only fluid that we’re consistently told to drink ‘plenty of’, though in truth keeping hydrated from any source is a great way to keep our mind and body in tip top condition. So, if water isn’t for you, there are plenty of tasty alternatives out there, and Vimto are one brand that are especially renowned for a refreshing drink.
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