Cadbury Daily Milk with Oreo coming to a machine near you

Found in over 100 countries and taking the award for the best selling cookie, Oreo’s are highly regarded here in the UK while Dairy Milk, another favorite, has gone onto be one of the most successful and famous chocolate brands in the world. So despite it being rather surprising that the two companies have taken this long to merge and produce an amazing treat, finally it is has arrived. Coming to a vending machine near you, Cadbury Dairy Milk with Oreo is coming to a machine near you.

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Simply tweet to eat a packet of Walkers!

In an interesting attempt to boost their ‘do us a flavour’ campaign, Walkers are offering people the chance to win a free packet of crisps from a range of their new flavours. And all you have to do is tweet.

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Coca Cola Life – the lighter way to enjoy coke

Whether or not you know, it has been 8 years since Coca Cola last released a product onto the UK streets, yet, because their cool beverages are so popular, those 8 years have just flew by. While we all enjoy the fizzy beverage, for many of us Coca Cola has always been a guilty pleasure. Diet coke helped ease the self-accusation and coke zero hoped to mix the best of both worlds through taste and health. While each and every option offers something different, a new baby brother has arrived on the scene in the form of Coca Cola life. According to the brand, it aims to provide the goodness of their existing range of low calorie options yet does so from purely natural sources and then adding sweeteners. So now they’ve cast their net even further to help capture everyone’s sense of taste.

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